Sylvania BA 800 SE HR G22

Sylvania BA 800 SE HR G22 6000k Sylvania 0023992

  • £96.89 inc vat

Sylvania BA 800 SE HR UVS with G22 base. Daylight 6,000k version. Sylvania BriteArc 0023992. This lamp is now obsolete please click on the following alternatives Osram HMI 800w/se & GE CSR 800w single ended hot restrike lamps. Replacement lamp for the Arri M8 and Profoto ProDaylight 800 Air.

Wattage 800w
Voltage 95v
Diameter 31mm
MOLength 145mm
Colour temperature 6,000k
Lumen 64,000 lm
Rated life 1,000 hours

*Discount on 2+ lamps, please contact us for details*

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