Philips MSR Gold 700/2 MiniFastFit ICT/4 lamp

Philips MSR Gold 700/2 Mini FastFit 1CT PGJX28 lamp

  • £167.00 inc vat

Philips MSR Gold 700/2 Mini FastFit lamp with PGJX28 base. Philips 221173, Philips 9281 999 05115. Lamp replacement & adjustment in just seconds with specially designed lamp base & lamp holder. High intensity beam for a truly illuminating performance, while gold-plated caps provide superior heat protection & prevent premature lamp failure. P3 technology allows use in any position & at higher temperatures, further extending lamp life & consistency of high quality light output. Compact shock resistant, ideal for moving head systems.

Replacement lamp for: Acme Xperior 700 Spot/Beam, Chauvet Legend 700 Spot/Beam,Clay Paky Alpha Beam / Profile 700 & Clay Paky Spot HPE 700, Clay Paky L10098, Coemar Infinity Spot/Wash & D.T.S XR750 wash.

Cross references to Ge CSR 700/TAL, GE 78718 and Osram Lok-it! HTI 700W/75 Mini

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Length 112mm
Diameter 23.2mm
47,000 lumen
Lamp life 750 hours
Colour temperature 7,200k
Philips lamp data sheet

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