Philips CDM-SA/T 150w/942

Philips CDM-SA/T 150w/942 G12 lamp

  • £39.80 inc vat

Philips CDM-SA/T 150w/942 lamp with G12 ceramic base. Offering a stable, crisp white colour over lifetime, excellent colour rendering 4,200k, and low operating costs.

Replacement lamp for the Coemar i-spot 150/Pro-spot 150,Robe Colour Mix 150,Colour Spot 170,Philips Selecon Astral & Pacific 150w, Griven & Martin professional Architainment heads.

Length 110mm
Diameter 20mm
Lumen 14,000
Lamp life 9,000 hours 

*Discount on 4+ lamps please contact us for details*

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