HIT 400w BLV Colorlite E40

HIT 400W BLUE E40 metal halide

  • £29.98 inc vat

HIT 400W BLUE E40 lamp. Single tubular metal halide lamp with E40/ GES screw base. 
Long lasting BLV  brand in stock, BLV 224526 Colorlite Topflood. The advantages of this lamp are high colour saturation, constant light colour over entire life & no colour filter required for the fixture. Runs on SON operating gear.

120v 400w
Length LCL: 275mm
Length MOL: 175mm
Diameter: 47mm
Average life: 8000hrs
Luminous flux: 35000lm
Burning position: any

Other colours available: Green, Magenta & Orange

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