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Osram Hi-Blue 15w/78 G13 UVA tube

Hi-Blue UVA 15w/78 G13 Tube

  • £5.49 inc vat

Hi-Blue UVA 15w/78 G13 tube.  High quality long lasting, great value alternative to the Osram L BL UVA 15w/78. Suitable for:

  • Polymerization of blue-sensitive plastics, adhesives, paints and dyes (BLUE)
  • Curing plastics (BLUE UVA)
  • Sealing surfaces in dentistry (BLUE UVA)
  • Cosmetic finger nail treatments (BLUE UVA)
  • Insect traps (BLUE UVA)
  • Exposure during printed circuit board manufacturing (BLUE UVA)
  • Terrariums (BLUE UVA)
  • Scientific investigations (BLUE UVA)
  • Verification of banknotes and credit cards (using a black glass filter) (BLUE UVA)

Replacement fly killer tube for most 30w fly killer units including: Eazyzap CE894 P162 P317 Y725 DN489, Flymatic, Pestwest Titan 300, Mantis 1X2SS/1X2W, Pluszap, Prozap, Vermatic & Xterminate insect killer units.

Diameter 26mm
Length 18"/ 450mm pin to pin

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