GE CSR 575/SE/HR lamp

GE CSR 575/SE/HR G22 GE 69061

  • £68.38 inc vat

GE CSR 575/SE/HR single ended hot restrike lamp with G22 base. Now Tungsram 93110787. Replacement lamp for the ARRI Compact 575,True Blue D5, ArriSun 5,Event 5 & Filmgear light.  
GE 69061, (GE 40460 phased out). 

Diameter 31mm
Length 145mm
Colour temperature 6,000k
Lumen 48,000

Cross references to Osram HMI 575w se/sel and Philips MSR 575/HR G22.

GE/Tungsram lamp data sheet

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