hed CP110 80v 1200w G22 Theatre Lamp GE 88439 Tungsram 93106475 – specialist lighting company
CP110 80v 1200w G22 theatre lamp

CP110 80v 1200w G22 theatre lamp Philips Hi-Brite 6980Z

  • £24.69 inc vat

CP110 80v 1200w theatre lamp with G22 base. The Philips versions Hi-Brite 6980Z & 7009Z 80v 1200w stage lamps are now obsolete. GE 88439./Tungsram 93106475 in stock, ready to ship.

Diameter 26mm
Overall length 140mm
Lumen 36000
Colour temperature 3300k 
Rated life 300 hours

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