T19 240v 1000w Gx9.5 stage lamp

T19 240v 1000w Gx9.5 theatre lamp

  • £8.94 inc vat

T19 240v 1000w theatre lamp with Gx9.5 base. Popular stage lamp & alternative to T11 lamp. Manufacturers GE 88457,Osram 64744. Lamp fits:
  • Strand Optique,Strand 743,Strand 750,Strand Harmony
  • ADB 1Kw Fresnel
  • CCT Starlette
  • Robert Juliat Lutin
  • Selecon 1200 HP,Selecon Compact, Selecon Rama 150, 175
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Diameter 35mm
Length 110mm
Lumen 21,000
Lamp life 750 hours

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