UV Fly killer lamps - even bigger discounts available when you buy in bulk!

We all love this warm summer weather but its also the time when the insects & flies are at their worst & out in force. To ensure your fly zapper units are working to their optimum, we recommend replacing your ultraviolet fly killer lamps at least once every 12 months, this will ensure maximum UV efficiency.  

We offer high quality, long lasting, branded lamps and great savings across a wide selection of UV Fly Killer lamps and tubes, order here

 20w fly killer bulb  U35 13w fly killer bulb  20w Ecokill fly killer lamp  Wemlite LT25w blacklight BL368  8w fly killer tube TL8w/05 





If you are unsure which lamp you need, it should be etched on one of the tube or around the base of the lamp. If you are still unsure before ordering please give us a ring on 01202 700569 or e-mail us and we will be happy to help you.


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