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Osram XBO Lamps - impressive down to the finest detail

Lighting used for microscopy and visual inspections must be impressive down to the finest detail. Osrams' speciality Xenon short arc (XBO) lamps are designed for just that purpose.
Created to meet the individual requirements of microscopy applications & lighting inspection, below are the some of the key features & benefits of Osrams' XBO lamps:

Product benefits

  • Very high luminance (point light source)
  • Continual color quality, irrespective of lamp type and lamp wattage
  • Constant light color throughout the life of the lamp
  • Long lamp life

Product features

  • Color temperature: approx. 6,000 K (Daylight)
  • High color rendering index: Ra > 95
  • Continuous spectrum in the visible range
  • High arc stability
  • Hot restart capability
  • Dimmable
  • Instant light on starting
We are pleased to now stock Osrams xenon short arc lamps, at very competitive prices. For prices on both versions, ie: with and without a reflector, please visit our dental/medical lamp section of our store slclightingonline.com 

Osram XBO 75w/2 OFR lampOsram XBO R 180w/45 C lamp

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