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More choice than ever...Photolux now in stock

We are pleased to add the Photolux brand of lamps to our range of photographic lamps. You will now be able to order online from a wider selection of lamps and at some terrific new prices.  Included within the range are the P1/1 275w No 1 Photoflood in both ES & BC bases.This is a popular lamp which fits in the Bowens Gemini Heads 250 - 500W/ Bowens BW1024. We also now stock the P2/1 PF308 240v 500w Photoflood lamp in E27/screw base or B27/bayonet base. This lamp fits Cubelite, Lastolite 500 (3604) & Quartzcolour Pinza 500w kits. This lamp was originally made by Philips...

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Osram XBO Lamps - impressive down to the finest detail

Lighting used for microscopy and visual inspections must be impressive down to the finest detail. Osrams' speciality Xenon short arc (XBO) lamps are designed for just that purpose.Created to meet the individual requirements of microscopy applications & lighting inspection, below are the some of the key features & benefits of Osrams' XBO lamps: Product benefits Very high luminance (point light source) Continual color quality, irrespective of lamp type and lamp wattage Constant light color throughout the life of the lamp Long lamp life Product features Color temperature: approx. 6,000 K (Daylight) High color rendering index: Ra > 95 Continuous spectrum...

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Here comes the sun....da da dah da dahhh

We are pleased to add Philips Cleo HPA & Hanau range of professional sunbed tanning lamps to our extensive stock of specialist lamps.        Whats more we have negotiated some great prices, in particular on the popular Philips Cleo HPA 400/30s, Philips Cleo HPA 400 s isolde R7s, & Philips Cleo (UVA) 15w tubes.We also now stock the original Hanau OH N 400 SL 45002251 lamps at just £20.99 each. Click here for full range of sunbed tanning lamps www.slclightingonline.com

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Its 007 heaven from Philips

Philips have unveiled their latest LED retrofit GU10 and it now lasts even longer, an impressive 35,000 hours. Philips Master LEDspotMV VLED 4.3-50W GU10 delivers a warm, halogen-like beam and is a perfect fit for spot lighting (track, corridors, lift lobbies, display cases, cabinets etc).Designed for both the home & work environments Philips Master LEDspots are available in 2,700, 3,000 & 4,000k colour temperatures and a 40 degree flood beam. Philips Master LEDspot MV lamps guarantee to deliver huge energy savings and minimises maintenance costs without any compromise on brightness, enabling owners to achieve a return on their investment within one...

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Q-Max Lighting Filters - high quality yet an economical alternative to Lee

Q-MAX lighting filters offer you a variety of hundreds of different colors and tints at a very competitive prices...just £32 a roll. With Q-MAX filters you have the option of choosing between nearly all colors you might know from other brand named manufacturers like LEE Filters, ROSCO and GAMCOLOR. The advantages of Q-MAX filters: Q-MAX filters are marked for easier measurement. Q-MAX filters are supplied on rolls with only 1 inch diameter, which saves space when transporting and stocking. Q-MAX filters are numbered in accordance with LEE Filters’ industry standard, with only 3 exceptions. For products from Rosco Labs and other...

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